Beach Houses

With the arrival of Beach City, the new housing trend, no matter where you are, is beach houses. Both Fluttershy and EvanescentRoses have beach houses, along with many others. Maybe you should try it out?


Beach City

Ok, so I thought I’d start this blog off with Beach City.

So,¬†as you probably know, a new city has arrived on Chit Chat City. Its called Beach City, and, as the name suggests, it’s a beach. So far, it has been really popular, but I don’t think it will stay popular. So, I asked a few people.

~CookieDookie~: Maybe . lol .

Lily_McAwsome: Yep. Its as busy as shopping city.

.:Mizuki_Chan:.: Yes

Anyway, HelloKittay has moved there, so really, I dunno.
UPDATE: Fluttershy has moved there too.